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Why Helpdesk?

Students, nowadays, have plethora of subjects objects to choose from academically, which often leads to confusion and misplaced preferences. many a times, students have misconceptions, or wrong perceptions of the subject they intend to pursue. 

We at HelpDesk, give student a practical and more real life perspective of their chosen subjects. we also provide them counsel to choose subjects which match their aptitude and inherent skills. Apart from assisting students to make a right choice, we prepare them to meet challenges and developmental requirements in their chosen field.

 Mentioned are a few forms that students could fill to know better about their aptitude and the courses that would be beneficial for them in the future.

Register with helpdesk

HelpDesk is a one stop place for all career aspirants to meet their career goals. we provide counselling, developmental training and workshops at a very nominal cost, which is 20% of the cost while the remaining is borne by the NGO. An e-mail will be sent to you after filling up the form for assessment. Kindly revert back and apply for the same.

Registration form for engineering graduates


Registration form for other graduates


Assess yourself

Learn more about the courses apt for you according to your interests and aptitude from our experts.

Apply for your Free Counselling

Apply for free counselling with HelpDesk to understand your skill sets better and to make an informed decision about your career. 


Office number: 202 B, 2nd Floor, Ashoka Pavillion,

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